Wellington’s New Look

The big idea behind Wellington’s new look

Founded in 1982, Wellington is one of the most forward-reaching independent schools in the state of Ohio. Our school was born out of the belief that education can and should be better. Our founders anticipated the world we live in now – one that is more integrated, connected, and ambitious.


About the brand

In partnership with FORT, a local design studio, we have reinvigorated our Wellington brand in a purposeful way that advances our tradition of innovation. We are positioning ourselves in a way that reflects more of who we’ve always been: forward-looking, agile, and passionate about igniting curiosity through engaged learning. This bold action signals the constant drive toward our clear and aligned long-term vision for Wellington.

We are a dynamic, modern education experience and a vibrant community within the larger fabric of the city of Columbus. We are smart, daring, inquisitive, approachable and we share a contagious energy. It is this energy that drove the design rationale for our new look and tone.

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 11:50

About the identity

Daring yet approachable, the design of the Wellington wordmark and primary color palette respects our heritage, while leveraging typographic details that communicate our modern point of view. This allows us to capture Wellington’s focus on the future and our community’s place within it.

The bold W icon communicates the kind of confidence that comes with knowing exactly who we are as a community. It is this confidence in our approach to education and our strategic differences that allows us to choose such strong visual elements to represent who we are.


The Wellington Seal

The Wellington Seal is a special part of our heritage and we will preserve and protect its place in our community. The updated version of our seal pays homage to the gravitas inherent in the Wellington seal, while bringing this element in alignment with the rest of the brand. As we move forward, you can expect to see our seal in very special moments such as a diploma or a handwritten note from the head of school celebrating something incredible a student has achieved.


Shape the world

We are a community of individuals from many different backgrounds, each with our own perspective and our own story to tell. We are all independent thinkers while part of a meaningful whole. As a school, we shape those who shape the world by welcoming curiosity, cultivating passion, and embracing a diversity of thought, experience, and personal identity.

Why do we wake up every morning and pursue this ambition? Because we think education can and should be better; More active, more personal, more potent. We know that a love of lifelong learning happens when students feel safe to try new things, experience the value of risks and resets, and as a result – find their paths.


We are Wellington

In the end, nothing can express the Wellington identity more profoundly than the stories of current and former students, families, faculty, and staff who make up our community. When our founders started Wellington, they couldn’t have imagined the ways in which we have advanced our school. They couldn’t have fathomed the friendships that would be made, the memories that would be created, and the heritage of innovation they ignited. It is this sense of belonging that compels us to move forward, together. We are Wellington.