September 3, 2020 Community Commitment Communication

September 3, 2020 Community Commitment Communication

This is a copy of email communication sent to all Wellington parents. 

Dear Wellington Community,

As we embark on the 2020-21 school year, we are offering the opportunity to be on campus because we believe academic outcomes, social-emotional growth, and well-being through meaningful connections are most effectively facilitated through in-person education. We are aware that it would have been much easier to offer a remote-only option, and we are grateful and proud of our staff and faculty for bringing forward a plan that is so thoughtful, responsible, and full of optionality. The time, energy, and resources put into this plan need to be honored by our community actions. We all share the responsibility to make safe decisions in our child’s life and our own lives, as well as ensure that we do not add risk that could undermine our ability to remain on campus. Therefore, we, the board of trustees who has endorsed this plan, implore you to carefully read our Community Commitment and uphold it with the utmost vigilance. Our lives have never been more connected, and we know our community will rise to this challenge. We are Jags together.


Ted Manley
Wellington Board of Trustees Chair

On behalf of the 2020-2021 Board of Trustees

Hana Abdelbaki
Tondalaya Adiansingh
Doug Anderson
Brian Biernat, MD
Tucker Böhm
Lyle B. Brown
Judy Chester
James Croft
Andrew Farber
John Kadlic
Cathy Lanning
Theodore K. Manley

John S. Marshall
Lloyd Pierre-Louis
Nathan Sampson
Matt Scantland
Michelle Scantland
Bryan Stewart
Andrew M. Thomas, MD MBA
Benjamin H. Thompson
Jennifer Vegas
Bob Wheeler
Caroline C. Whitacre, Ph.D.












Our Community Commitment
As we strive to support an educational model that allows us to deliver an innovative and agile program for our students, utilizing our small class sizes and campus spaces, we need everyone to help us maintain the health and safety of our community. Our interest to have students on campus is linked to the academic and social-emotional benefits that we feel will serve our students best. That being said, in order for us to have students on campus, we need everyone to commit to keeping themselves and others safe. We are, together as a community, asking for a community commitment.

  • We commit to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing when out in public.
  • We commit to limit contact with others as much as possible by avoiding hosting or attending gatherings.
  • We commit to exercise extreme caution in our travel by following the safety protocols recommended by public health authorities, including masks, hand hygiene and social distancing. If we must travel to an area of increased COVID-19 prevalence, or otherwise believe we could expose the community to risk, agree to quarantine for 10 days upon return.
  • We commit to monitor for symptoms each morning, and to stay home from school if there are any symptoms present.
  • We commit to communicate with the school regarding direct contact with COVID-19 positive individuals, and commit to report if there is a positive case in our family.


Media Contact 
Danielle Turkovich 
Director of Marketing & Communications

For all information related to how Wellington is monitoring and addressing COVID-19, click here.