Year in Review: 2019-2020 Reaffirmed Our Vision and Purpose

Year in Review: 2019-2020 Reaffirmed Our Vision and Purpose

In August of 2019, the Wellington community came together to kick off the school year and also welcome new Head of School, Dr. Jeff Terwin. The ceremony was called “The Leap,” in reference to the name of a group of jaguars but also the action of moving forward. It was an exciting event filled with enthusiasm and anticipation for the many adventures to come. It was also a moment for reflecting on one of Wellngton’s greatest strengths, our steadfast commitment to embracing a diversity of thoughts and experiences.

“As we identify and reaffirm our collective vision and purpose,” Terwin said at the ceremony, “we are also reminded that no two spots on a jaguar are identical. We will each bring our own perspective and unique talents to the priorities we identify.” 

While the 2019-2020 school year was historic for how it ended, with the entire world confronted with a global pandemic and seismic anti-racist protest, it was also inspiring for the remarkable ways in which Wellington Jaguars came together as a community even while apart. By empowering students to pursue their passions, use their voices for advocacy, and follow their own distinctive paths in life, we embolden the next generation of leaders to face any challenge with confidence, courage, and humanity. It was true on the first day of school and remains true today.

Below are a few highlights from a truly unforgettable year.

The Power of Student Voice
Student voice is at the center of Wellington’s unique approach to education. Children of all ages are encouraged and supported to express their thoughts, talents, and passions. Whether on the stage, at a lectern, in their writing, or in a personal exchange, Wellington students are bold and self-assured when they share themselves with the world. To read more, click here

Why You Shouldn’t Tell a Girl to Smile – Mia Croft ’20
Race in a Fictional World: The Importance of Representation – Mari Hannah ’21
Talking Body Shame and the Male Physique – Taso Callanan ’21
Athletic Diplomacy: Sports on the World Stage – Zubin Reyazi ’21
Sports Specialization – George Callanan ’21
Mental Health: Confronting the Stigma in Athletics – Eli Burkhardt ’20
No, That Skirt Doesn’t Have Any Gender in It: Gender Expression in Western Culture – Lu Godfrey ’21
Dance Your Way to a Better You – Julius Skestos ’21
Notice Me Senpai: The Misconceptions of Anime – Maika Danford ’20
Why Religion Is Still Valuable in Our Society – Reece Thompson ’21
It’s Never Too Late – Why Everyone Should Learn an Instrument – Rosemary Haskett ’20

Passion Meets Purpose at All Things Wellington
The 13th annual All Things Wellington celebrated the bold, innovative work of faculty and students on campus and beyond. Through firsthand exploration of the classes and clubs that challenge and empower children of all ages, followed by a live program of teacher and student-led presentations, visitors were given an illuminating view into the dynamic world of Wellington. To read more, click here

Turning on the Light of Truth
Wellington celebrated Black History Month by putting a spotlight on the significant impact people of color have made through the ages and around the world. To read more, click here

Connections Cultivate Character 
Clubs and affinity groups offer Wellington students an important opportunity to connect with their peers, teachers, and the world around them while at the same time developing a voice that is distinctly their own. The experience of embracing differences and discovering commonalities within a variety of communities, both small and large, is crucial for personal growth as students also explore their unique talents and interests. To read more, click here.

Voyage of Discovery
International Week at Wellington opened students’ eyes to the richly diverse people, cultures, and cuisines of the world. To read more, click here

Around the World with Wellington
Whether exploring the wonders of the natural world or discovering their place in a broader global context, Wellington students are advantaged with a variety of experiences beyond the classroom that will forever enrich their lives. To read more, click here

Upper School Behind Every Name Exhibit 
Students in the upper school course “Stories of the Holocaust,” consulted the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website to read over essays describing survivors’ experiences during the Holocaust. As part of an assignment, students wrote a personal letter to one of the people on the site, reflecting on the survivor’s story. To read more, click here

“A” Is for Agility 
Ingenuity and creativity have always been cornerstones of a Wellington education. Now, as our future-focused learning environment continues to evolve to meet the needs of students, our tradition of innovation will lead the way. To read more, click here

Jags Together Face the Future 
Even though physically apart, the Wellington community has never been closer or stronger. The spirit of our school, our unflappable optimism and infinite capacity to grow and learn, remains steadfast during this unprecedented moment in history. Having now launched a robust Learning from Home plan, with a mindful focus on the well-being of all our families, Wellington Jaguars will continue doing what we do best, face the future together. To read more, click here

The Sights and Sounds of Potential 
The end of the first trimester in upper school means more than just an exam to ace, it’s an important moment for students to take on the role of expert and truly show what they know. To read more, click here

Jaguars Stay Together Even While Apart 
Wellington's 32nd commencement was a beautiful outdoor celebration of the Class of 2020, their remarkable accomplishments, and the extraordinary poise and agility they have shown during an unprecedented moment in history. To read more, click here