Sisters Beahm with Jag Pride

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Sisters Beahm with Jag Pride

This story originally appeared in the fall 2019 issue of The Jag magazine.


This fall marks the 30th anniversary of sisters Jennifer ‘90 and Julie ‘93 Beahm winning the state championship in girls tennis doubles. It may have happened three decades ago, but it feels like only yesterday for the sibling best friends who made Wellington and Ohio history. They were the first Jags to bring home a title for the school and the first sisters in the state to win doubles. The best part, for them, was doing it together.

During a recent visit to Wellington, Jenn and Julie were excited and thrilled to look back on the monumental moment in their lives. Asked to recount the legendary day, they were very quick to lob compliments back and forth, neither one wanting to take too much credit for their joint success. Although they live in two different states now, the sisters are still very close. They have the uncanny ability to finish each other’s sentences and always seem to know what the other is thinking. It’s not hard to understand what made them such a doubles powerhouse on the court.

Tennis has been in their lives for as long as they can remember. Parents Harvey and Martha Beahm ran a tennis club, so Jenn and Julie began playing not long after they learned to walk. Their close
relationship and shared love of the sport made going to state together a dream come true.

The title they won in high school meant more to them than any others won during college because they did it side- by-side.

Playing in the championship was special for them also because of the tremendous support they felt from their classmates, all of whom had been bussed to the semi-finals to watch. It was the encouragement from their fellow Jags in the stands that really helped the girls from succumbing to the pressure of playing in such a high- stakes tournament. Jenn and Julie remember their friends making them laugh, which helped break the tension.

Over a two day period, the sisters won four matches and only lost one to claim victory. They credit their success to being a naturally great pair. Jenn admits to being a bit feisty on the court while
Julie was considered the calmer of the two. It was a partnership that clearly worked and continues to stay strong to this day. Jenn has a career in banking and is currently director of wealth management at PNC. Julie spent many years as a tennis pro at Wedgewood Country Club and is currently the proud mom of two teenagers, themselves budding young athletes.

During their own adolescent years, Jenn and Julie had many wonderful memories of their time at Wellington and are grateful for all the many ways in which the school helped them become who they are today. Jenn appreciates all that her classes and teachers had to offer and sees them as hugely influential on her life long after graduation, including instilling a strong work ethic in her that continues to benefit her to this day.

“We were pushed hard,” Julie remembers. “Being on a team,
balancing tennis and school taught us a lot. The small class sizes were special because it allowed us to become really close to our teachers. It was a terrific environment to go to school.”